Hamilton Downtown

Krown helps you keep your vehicle longer – saving you money.

The average Canadian will buy 10-12 vehicles in their lifetime. Imagine if you could keep your vehicles longer, and buy half as many vehicles. What would that mean to you financially? It could mean saving tens of thousands of dollars on vehicles purchased and depreciation costs. To put in another way, it could mean your children’s college and university tuitions, a better retirement plan, less or no mortgage at all, and many other opportunities.

Krown may be protecting vehicles from rust, but the result of a longer vehicle life with fewer repairs stretches beyond the one hour a year our customers spend at Krown Hamilton Downtown getting their annual rust protection. If you are a Krown customer, this is not news to you. If you haven’t tried Krown’s annual rust protection program, call today to book an appointment at Krown Hamilton Downtown, and start putting your hard earned money to better use.

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