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WorldKrown Focused On The Environment

Virtually every company today reviews their environmental contribution to our planet.  New legislation as well as new  environmental initiatives at the federal, provincial and municipal levels  makes it necessary for companies to constantly examine both the  products they produce and the way they do business.

Krown Rust Control has thought this through very carefully because  the very foundation of their existence is based on the principle of  reducing waste in the form of vehicles and equipment by making  these last longer.  By reducing corrosion, Krown helps to reduce  some of the premature “wear and tear” on vehicles that is often  caused by corrosion. Every part of a car, a truck and a trailer is attacked by  corrosion and Krown’s goal is to protect the vehicle, therefore  extending its life and preventing the need for replacement. Krown  extends the lifecycle of body panels, frames, brackets, linkages, as well as many  other mechanical parts. It’s designed to significantly reduce the  amount of corrosion on electrical fittings, plug-ins, wires and  connectors. Good maintenance on electrical systems can extend the  life of batteries, reducing the need for replacing them as well during  the vehicle’s lifecycle.  Overall, vehicles that are protected from  corrosion last longer and require fewer replacement parts.  This  results in less scrapped metal and fewer corroded parts that normally  end up at the junkyard or landfill site. This desire to be part of the  “pollution solution” has been applied to every operation of Krown’s  business.

The Krown product itself is just one example of this philosophy.  Firstly, the basic ingredients of the Krown product are completely  different than most other rust inhibitors in the marketplace. It  contains no solvents, no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and no toxins. Krown could use more harmful yet cheaper ingredients in  their product but they have chosen not to do so.  In the manufacturing  process, environmentally-friendly ingredients almost always cost  more than other more harmful alternatives.  Yet Krown feels that the  lessened impact to our planet makes the additional expenses they  incur more than worthwhile. On top of that, what if Krown could use  a recycled, refined and re-cleaned product as one of their ingredients  as well? That’s exactly what they do. In fact over 80% of the  ingredients in the Krown product are made up of re-refined materials  and additives. This enables them to put to good use products that  might otherwise be used to pollute our planet.

Their goal of environmental responsibility does not end there.  Since  the little things count as well, even at the local Krown centres, great  emphasis is put on protecting our earth.  Every Krown shop is  equipped with an oil separator in the floor to clean all water that  leaves the shop through the drains.  All oil that is captured in the  separators becomes part of recycled material that is pumped out and  sent off to a refinery to be recycled and reused for other product  manufacturing.  Even the drums that Krown uses to store and  transport their rust inhibitors in are part of the recycling program as  they are returned to their manufacturing facility, cleaned, dried and  refilled over and over again.

With regards to environmental impact, every aspect of Krown’s  business has been considered.  From the way the product is applied  to the way it is shipped and even to the way Krown Hamilton Downtown contacts  customers to notify them of their annual appointment, the term  “reduce, reuse, recycle” is taken into consideration.  Krown Hamilton Downtown contacts  thousands of customers every year. This normally would  mean literally tonnes of paper being used. To be environmentally- conscious Krown Hamilton Downtown actually contacts customers by  telephone, through email or by way of a small postcard to reduce the  amount of paper use.

Can Krown do more to be environmentally friendly?  They  believe they can and that is why their environmentally friendly focus  is ongoing with the view to adding additional programs in the future.

By reducing the amount of vehicles and equipment that go to the  scrap yard, by using environmentally-friendly products even if it costs  more to manufacture them and by focusing on environmental  responsibility in everything they do, Krown will continue to do all they  can to protect our earth.

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