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The Krown Application.

More than just an undercoating, Krown’s industry leading application process treats the entire vehicle. Damaging rust starts in the hidden areas of your vehicle. Krown targets these hidden areas, training our technicians to access and treat rust prone areas like door panels, electrical connections, fenders, door seams, frame rails and many other problem areas. Using our advanced rust inhibitor product, we promise to provide your vehicle with the best rust protection in the business. We back this promise up with our New and Used Car Warranties, giving you peace of mind, and a great looking vehicle for years to come.

Krown technicians spray the top of the shock towers, behind wheels and wheel well lips. Then the entire wheel well area is protected. Utilizing specialized sprayguns and rods, the complete underside of the vehicle is treated, giving special attention to boxed areas and above the gas tank, an area that most rust control companies do not access. All vehicle body panels are also accessed and protected against corrosion. This includes all doors, quarter panels, fenders, dog-legs, trunk, hood, front and rear post areas and all rocker panels. The Krown product is sprayed inside the engine compartment, along the firewall, on all electrical connections, battery terminals, latches and other metal parts. Since Krown does not conduct electricity, it is safe to spray on electrical parts and actually helps prevent “greening” of wires and electrical shorts that are caused by corrosion. View a complete Krown application

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