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Win Cash Prizes


You can’t win a prize higher than the grand prize can you? In the Krown Win Cash contest you can. If you are the grand prize winner of $25,000 you get to come into your Krown store and play a game for your chance to turn your grand prize into the ultimate grand prize of $100 000!


Have you won a boat, a car, or a dream vacation? Choose to spend your grand prize money on any of the above. One winner will be randomly drawn for this prize so be sure to get your ballot in at your local Krown Centre.


At Krown we promise to put cash in your pocket by reducing costly repairs and maintenance caused by rust. In this case we are speeding the process up by putting $2500 cash in one winners pocket.


To the winner goes the spoil. If you are the winner, spoil yourself or someone else with $500 cash to spend.


$250 cash to spend however you like.


Protect your vehicle from rust and don’t pay a thing for your Krown application.

Click here to download the full contest rules. (716 K PDF)

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